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Discovery Kit – Florals

Your scent is an essential part of your identity. Our Floral kit introduces you to the world of Blind™. Featuring three fragrances from our auteur perfumes, this selection invites you to explore and find which one carries your signature scent, or mix them, as you like. Awake your senses with this refreshing aromas: Bossa, Mento and Milonga, each one in 15 ml. travel sizes.

MENTO – Output notes: Floral (Rose, Geranium). Pink pepper. Body notes: Fruity (red fruit Mix, apple). Violet Flowers. Background notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver, amber and vanilla Absolute.
BOSSA – Output notes: jasmine sambac, white flowers, neroli. Body notes: jasmine, fruity plum. Background notes: sandalwood and vetiver.
MILONGA – Output notes: Floral (pink). aromatic, lavender and pepper Body notes: Floral (pink). Wood of rosewood, cedar and wood of Palo Santo. Background notes: Musks and Ambaradas notes. Labdanum and Incense.

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